Rescue Dog Saves Owner

And now, for an entry on an entry: “Dog Saves Woman From Violent Sexual Assault”, reads the headline. To my delight, it’s about a rescue dog who (as one commenter points out), “Rescues her (his owner) right back” after she nearly get’s Bundy’d by some dude hiding in the bushes. Firstly: Good call on the Pretty Woman reference, but (secondly) as cute as this story is, don’t they say, the.. Read More

“Just Kidding” = Joke Suicide

It’s so rare that I come across a blogger, youtuber, or anyone on the net in general who can make me laugh. It takes a certain kind of scathing humor. So when I came across Mr. Adam Buckley, I couldn’t help but laugh, sift through our common hatred of current “music”, and eventually learn that I’m not the only one who gets livid when others can’t “take a joke”: Much.. Read More