Photo Op: Dog craps on Vick

The post in which I found this was titled something like “Vick is taking dog training classes”. But from the looks of this photo, it looks like Mr. Vick’s newfound friend is assuming “the position”: Ready to take a shit on his fresh kicks, and far from ready to forgive his past transgressions: What dog could miss a photo opportunity like this? xoxo

Let’s Apocalypse! ( A Juxt-expose-ition)

WHO HERE LIKES VICE? For those of you who are unfamiliar with who they are, they are these guys who’ve managed to educate young folk on world events by portraying their journalistic endeavors in a more attractive way: from teaching us about drugs like the “get-anyone-to-do-what-you-say” drug, “Scopolamine”, to “sneaking” inside North Korea. Think “Hipster Christiane Amanpour”. Anyway, they used to make these awesome documentaries for free on Youtube; but.. Read More