Earth’s just a giant Truman Show. Let’s leave.

So, my buddy Richard used to tell me how he had those fleeting moments where he’d start to wonder “what if I’m in my own Truman show? And everyone’s watching me?” He’d usually get the feeling when something strange would happen here in reality. Neo: “There’s a glitch in the Matrix!!!!1” Tech Support: “I see. Have you tried turning it off and on again?” Like, if it’d be raining as.. Read More

Best vines in life are free, maaaan….

Original Video – More videos at TinyPic “Series?” Series-ly, subtitle dude? That’s not what she said at all. Try again, friend. I wasn’t gonna watch the Miss Lohan show, but after giving it a chance one night, I admittedly got sucked into the unforgivable reality docuseries void. It sorta offered another side of the Cady character from what I’ve heard and… well heard (I didn’t see much up until this.. Read More

The Event Horizon

When I worked in P.T., I’d try to help patients leave feeling better than they walked in. When I couldn’t, I’d subconsciously take their sadness home with me. Since I had a lotta pain of my own to deal with, by the day’s end I wasn’t about personal edification, talking to anyone, or helping any additional humans. My reality consisted of feeling badly when I couldn’t help someone and feeling.. Read More

Praise the Palcoholy Spirit: Powdered alcohol’s comin’

Remember that time Jesus turned water into alcohol? Me neither. But I hear it was pretty cool. I mean, the people who actually saw the Copperfield Cabernet action were impressed enough to scrawl it down in every language. And if you’re an attention seeker like me and desire that sort’ve adulation, you can do it too… …with the help of Palcohol. Palcohol is a fun innovation Bacchanalian-ventor Mark Phillips came.. Read More