Cultural body mods

From tits to adipose vacuums, we’re a body-mod loving culture. And we’re not alone. I mean, across cultures. As if cutting and bruising and stabbing with hypodermics isn’t bad enough, we’re also really good at beating ourselves up about it. It’s that whole lack of humility thing where we think we’re better than everyone else when it comes to stuff like acts of inhumanity in the name of patriotism. Then,.. Read More

On the roooad agai- Er. Treadmill. On the treadmill.

After four (light) years, I’ve finally started running again. Okay, okay. It’s more like rabbit-on-crack galloping. When I asked my P.T if I could run again with a herniated disc, he said, “Sure!”, told me “Chi” running would be best for my back, then said he’d show me how the next week if I waited. But a wise man once said, “The time is NOW.” And since I’m really good.. Read More