What to expect when you’re expecting (to die alone)

As everyone continues to get married and have kids, I start to feel like the kid who isn’t getting picked for baseball in P.E. Except I hate baseball. And why do we have to have P.E. anyway? Thing is, I’m envious. But not that they’re married and not that they’re starting families. I’m envious that they want that stuff. That, and I feel like I’d better appreciate their trips to.. Read More

Surprise! You’re on asshole camera!

You know, I like this idea – of “making the homeless visible”. But something about this video that’s gone viral struck me wrong: People passing their loved ones on the street probably had a fleeting thought of, “Gee, that looks like Bobby!” followed by the sad thought of “what if he really didn’t have a home?” and then “Gee I’m lucky not to have fallen on hard times” (followed by.. Read More