Nature’s oddities: Beach Barf

Excited about imminent vacation? Well, don’t marvel at that vast azure sea in too much wonder. ’cause Kurt Cobain was right. Mother nature is a whore – a whore of the shores. Like the aqueous lovechild of some Odysseyean whirlpool and a fortune cookie, the ocean’s been vomiting a plethora of treasures onto sparkly sands willy nilly – ranging from legos to leg-bottoms. (“…and that’s how ginger fish really got.. Read More

The MIT Crowd.

So, the MIT guys have made a universe they can try “turning off and on again” This new supercomputer they’ve conjured up is making the concept of the Matrix seem totally possible, as it’s replicated pretty much the whole universe. From electrons to elliptical galaxies, they’ve thought of it all. The program, called “Illustris” (which only a universe replicator could be so simultaneously arrogant and deserving to call itself) serves.. Read More

Huffaceplant Post: Is success waking up in your own blood?

What’s success? Money? Social relevance? Waking up in a viscous pool of your own blood? I just watched (five minutes of because I can’t sit through a whole T.V. show in one sitting) an Arianna Huffington thing that talked about her earlier years, her time on the debate team, the political stuff, Huffington post… Just… Pretty much everything except the amazing mug-work she’s had done. (Actually she hasn’t and is.. Read More