Dark Disney: The original stories

I always knew Disney snuck sex stuff in movies, Tyler Durden style. But I never quite realized just how dark the original tales were. Most of the timeless classics I watched on heavy rotation as a tot were wrought out of medieval fantasy folklore. Sure they taught me that to have a happy ending you need magic, a prince, and to change everything about yourself. But, then again, so did.. Read More

Nose candy traces in random places

Is U.K. tap water full of cocaine? Or are they just “taking the piss”? (that’s a Brit term that I may or may not be using correctly…) Well, both. Kind of. In part of a long list of unexpected locales in which booger sugar has shown up, Britain’s drinking water is certainly up there. “How’d it get there?” you ask? Apparently, they do so much of it that the yeyo’s.. Read More