70 foot ice-drop vs. 127 hour desert-trap

When 127 hours came out, I thought, “What if social media were around back then?” I tend to think the real Ralston would have tweeted those selfie snaps he took – or at least updated fellow Facebook canyoneers about where he was headed had networking sites been around. Somebody that egotistical (as he shames himself for) doesn’t perform random acts of badassery just to keep it to himself. You share.. Read More

Dark Disney Part Two…

(Dark Disney Part 1) Today, class, we continue our original fairy tale analyses… SNOW WHY? As in “why” didn’t evolution weed out this bitch from the population? People with an IQ of potato shouldn’t get saved as many times as Snow White did. In Grimm’s OG version, the Queen specifically requests for White’s liver and lungs (I suppose if writers sub in a heart, it’s easier for kids to conjure.. Read More

MUST maturity be mundane?

As adults…must we end our weekend rerun marathons of Aqua Teen? Quit being giddy? Develop that annoying “work voice” that jarred us the first time we heard dad enact it on the phone with his boss because we could totally hear the hidden terror in his voice? Must we transmogrify into that? My buddy Richard had this convo with an anonymous acquaintance he was trying to Socratically assist. Eh –.. Read More