Holy intstellar internet timesink, Batman

As I sat sunning myself yesterday, my foot began throbbing. It’s my own fault. My cardio form has been so bad, I imagine I look like some flaccid Gumby push puppet when I take to the treadmill. My tendency to fall into a woe-is-me wallow moment was curtailed when I realized no one was there to cry to. Even my dog was throwing shade at me from the shady spot.. Read More

You’z a spiritual pimp and I’m yo bottom betch.

Are our great thinkers of today really any better than we are? Bestselling author @shawnachor discovers the secret of happy people. #SuperSoulSunday is on NOW! pic.twitter.com/5PKCXle3g9 — Oprah Network Canada (@OWNCanada) May 25, 2014 Whether it’s Cosmos or Metaphysical Milkshake or Super Soul Sunday, I love to watch documentaries, interviews, whatever – something where someone seemingly better than I am can make me want to reduce my dumbass or douchelord.. Read More