Solar powered planes controlled by our brains?

How long could you last in a plane without landing? The Solar Impulse 2 (solar powered plane) is going to put some pilots to this test soon enough. Making its maiden voyage Monday from Switzerland, it remained airborne for a couple of hours (test run, I guess?) But its itinerary for next year is a ‘round the world flight sans landing. This is an upgrade from last year’s beta version.. Read More

GnatNado is gross but Mother Nature’s been worse

Is it old news if something happened last week and I’m just learning about it? Like a mosquito twister, for instance? Because I feel like a funnel cloud comprised of flying vampire bugs isn’t something that loses it’s lustre on the info front. We need to know about these things and teach them at church – right between communion and the handing out of pitchforks and torches to defend the.. Read More

Get highper! Weed coffee for Washington in June

Listen up wake ‘n bakers! Love shotguns and shots of espresso? Well, if you live in Washington, there’s some great news for you! You may’ve heard about “bulletproof coffee” – but now, marijuana coffee is a thing too. Hitting the markets in July, this cannabis concoction is cold brewed to leave you (allegedly) feeling alert and creative. At least that’s what product developer Adam Stites claims in his statement (that.. Read More

Quake-station: avert death from your desk.

What’s shakin’, California? Hopefully not the earth underneath your feet on this fine Saturday. But I know that’s a thing that tends to happen there, so this story’s for you. Occasionally, I’ll get little messages from you west coast buddies after a quake. Some of you are wearing helmets. Some rock hockey masks. Others hide under their covers. (Obviously, the last one’s the safest – if you can’t see it.. Read More

RetroSurvivor – best reality show idea ever.

People love watching survivor style reality T.V. I’m no exception – especially since my homie was on one of the shows last year. But – considering many explorers and all around bad asses have actually been in these real-life do or die situation sans camera crews – why not build a storyline out of that? Have a mix of divas and hardasses surviving for a few weeks, following in the.. Read More

Blue’s Clues’ Steve left because of his hair not heroin.

Remember Blue’s Clues? When I was a kid, I had this quilted stuffed dog with button eyes I called “Blue Dog” (at eight, my creative think-outside-the-box skills were quickly formulating, obviously). So, naturally, I thought it was the coolest thing when there was a T.V. show about my cotton filled canine made of bedcovers – giving out clues. Then, Steve’s hosting of it ended. And it did so in a.. Read More

Hello? Am I the droid you’re looking for?

When I was little, Lionel Richie’s “Hello” video always got to me. She’s blind, he’s a stalker, and neither of them seem to understand basic phone ettiquette – like don’t hang up on someone you’ve just asked a question to before hearing the reply. Like a lot of idiot I know, they’re devoid of rationality although they both seem sorta sweet. But wouldn’t it be cool if we could combine.. Read More