Fitbit: Yes, but will it hold up in the zombie apocalypse?

So, this isn’t news but it’s news to me. I wrote a thing a couple weeks back about how dumb smartphone watches seem to my abstract conceptualization of them (and my lady brain who thinks no one could follow Connery’s Bond timepiece version – so why try?). In that article, I mentioned my overwhelming desire to get a Fitbit – a pie in sky plan that thrived and died in.. Read More

DEET is D.T.S. – Down to snuff (bugs, not you).

You know, I never looked at what was in mosquito spray when I was little. But if I’m being honest, the smell of it actually brings back happy memories of playing outside as a kid. (Much like how I haven’t eaten meat for a long time, but still get this nostalgic excitement when I smell steak sizzling away on someone’s barbecue). But as I got older and made it my.. Read More

Write love note out – not outsource to technology

Remember passing notes in class? There was something special that went into taking a hand and pen to paper, origami-ing it into a hat-boat thingy, folding it in on itself with a little tab opening, and then decorating the outside. Man, I remember the feeling of getting one of those from my middle school prince charming – all eleven years of him – there for me to adore, along with.. Read More