Most lifelike android: kill it with fire.

Well… the world’s most lifelike android’s been created. …aaand I’m flucking terrified of it. After sitting through the whole video making this face… … I tried to sort out my feelings. And speaking of facial expressions, that just might be what makes this damned Geminoid (which means “twin”) thing even creepier. Using these mechanical devices called actuators, the robot is provided a more lifelike aura by being gifted all those.. Read More

I can smell your text.

Remember that prank Google played a while back? About scratching and sniffing your iphone or something? Well, it’s not so far-fetched a concept anymore. Some nutty professors over at the Olfactive Project have come up with a device called the oPhone. And, as demonstrated by this dude (who looks like Vincent D’Onofrio and Mark Ruffalo’s lovechild), you can send something as recognizable as espresso via text. (Wait…Who types like that?.. Read More

Chinese dingle trap?

Where is YOUR favorite place to put your penis? Between some of the Hollywood movies I have seen and tales told by the men I know, apparently there are many an adventurous penis out there. And the desire to have a perpetual sausage Odyssey is so great that men and little boys alike have let it lead them through their lives like some fleshy legless horse drawn carriage. And I.. Read More

Follow your bliss… off a cliff.

Some people (doctors, they call themselves) might call me bipolar. I prefer to think of it like a sport – “x-treme emoting”. In a way, though, the chaotic confusion that comes with traversing one end of the feel spectrum to the next, brings with it a wealth of ways in which we can be motivated. I like happy, serene, blissful, peaceful things in one moment. Then, in the next, I’m.. Read More

Schooled by a 5 year old rapper

Some days I try to write and all I can mine from my grey matter is fecal matter. While abandoning ship and leaving the computer is usually my self-advice, other days I know that it’s 100% just because I took a day off and am having trouble “getting back in the flow”. Just like anything else. Whether it’s working out or sexing up – if you’ve not done it for.. Read More