SOSial Media

What’s the best thing social media’s ever done for you? Served as a chronological detailing of your life? Acted as a digital therapist and soap box? Landed you a friend collection so that you can pretend you’re popular? Well, I bet it hasn’t saved the only dad that sired you. But it sure did for 10-year-old Brianna Vance. In a story that helps partially restore my faith in kids’ abilities.. Read More

Wrongfully convicted dude rightfully sues for $162 mill

Remember the suicide scene from Shawshank redemption? Where old dude Brooks gets out of prison after forever, tries to acclimate to this alien world, and just hangs himself instead? He’s like “fckk this noise, I’m out this bish.” I remember seeing that as a kid and not understanding fully. I mean, the guy was finally free. Why end it now? In my child-mind it was hard to consider what a.. Read More


Remember back in grade school when we’d trade our goods? Lisa Frank stickers? Happy meal toys? Beanie Babies? Drugs? A kid recently made the news when he tried to trade his Adderall to his classmates for delicious Cheese-its. Far more epic than that actual attempted (reasonable, in my opinion) barter, was his mom’s response to the whole debacle. When asked to come speak to the school officials and authorities, she.. Read More

Stephen Hawking suggests we recon the cosmos for a new home. Like, now.

Stephen Hawking says we should get our asses into outer space fast. But like… why should I listen to the smartest theoretical physicist since Einstein? I do what I want. Well, I won’t be able to do what I want when I come back next lifetime as a mouse or mouse dung fungus. And that’ll suck for not-so-badass-anymore me. ’cause Hawking insists we can’t live on earth indefinitely – not.. Read More

These theme parks are ridiculous

Still don’t know where to spend summer? Why not pack up the family and take the kids to one of these theme parks that probably shouldn’t exist? First up: Loveland Wait – was that the human centipede I saw in there? Located in Jeju, South Korea, this adult theme park opened in 2004 to “break barriers of sexual social pressures”. And who’s responsible for this brilliance? 20 Hongik University students.. Read More