Hoverbikes are coming!

You know that stupid Back-to-the-Future meme that keeps trolling us? The one about “this is the date the DeLorean did that thing in the movie with the time travel”? Well, whatever it was, you can forget it. Because the only date that’s gonna matter in real life from now on is 2017. Why? Because that’s the year when hoverbikes (no, not boards – sorry) will finally be available for me.. Read More

Dinner for 2. $2,000, that is….

So, if you fork out $2,000 for a meal… what would you expect to get? I’m thinking them actual forks better be doing musical numbers. Because that’s exactly how much the fee is to dine at Hard Rock Ibiza’s new restaurant, Sublimotion. The establishment just opened this past May in Playa d’en Bossa and it sounds like the perfect place for the rich and wanna-be-famous to sit around and perform.. Read More

I hate dental work, but not as much as this kid…

Ever dread something so much that’d you’d fake your own abduction to avoid it? Work? Jury Duty? Your friends forcing you to see Frozen Part 2? (It’s only a matter of time.) Well, one little shit faked his own kidnapping to avoid… wait for it… the dentist. The twelve year old hates his dental check ups so much, that he ran away to a neighboring town. When he was found,.. Read More

Unsightly pup winner raises awareness

The winner for world’s ugliest dog is in. And this year, Peanut (who looks like a furry rage meme) won the contest’s highly coveted title. Even though we’re apparently so egocentric here in ‘murca that we dare to call it “World’s ugliest” (when no other nation’s actually compete in this canine competish of hideousness), I still think it’s effing adorable. And it makes my heart swell with equal parts glee.. Read More