Potato salad kickstarter?

Screw watching T.V. series and screw writing articles! Let’s just make a shiz ton of money conjuring up a hoax online instead. Like this one guy from Ohio who began a culinary kickstarter as a joke. Much like the guitar playing, master chef guy who wrote a Craigslist ad looking for a roomie and coming off all charming and hilarious in it, this was amusing initially for its “funny ‘cause.. Read More

Chilean aliens chillin’ in the skies

So, science found a f’real UFO? Mhmmm…. Right after we disprove they did the pyramids, they come to get credit. Typical. Well, what’s in it the shiny saucer? Is the apocalypse finally happening? Have they made demands or taken prisoners of war yet? Are they going to eat my dog and make me watch to study human emotion? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. In the skies of.. Read More

Tedious torture

When I get stuck alone in the doctor’s office, I’ll start fiddling with stuff. Especially that room in the back with no phone reception. Move the table around, play with the blinds, mess with the aseptic doo-hickeys… Why not? Don’t lie to me. You’ve done it too. But what if you were stuck there for a super long time… and there weren’t any fun toys to tinker with? Just a.. Read More