Bugs and bubonic plague are all up in China.

Ya know… back in my day… “Black Death” was a hyperbolic way of making excuses. Avoid a second date. Play hookey. Avoid a second date playing with a hooker (she should have said she was “in transition” the first time). All around, it was a nice way to say “I’m not really ill with anything – much less an ancient plague – but the idea of going out with you.. Read More

Reviews on movies I lost neurons watching: “The Other Woman”

First, I’d like to say Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, and Leslie Mann are all gorgeous. That said – my rating for “The Other Woman” (a film I reluctantly watched because I was brain dead, sick at the time, and it was free to stream online even though my computer probably contracted AIDS in the process), is a huge thumbs down. Or thumbs up – if I’m one of those ancient.. Read More