Are canines covetous? Or just playing along?

Your dog’s got envy issues. Don’t feel badly – so does mine, says science. It’s not necessarily the four-legged-third-wheel syndrome you see when you start dating someone. And it’s not always even jealousy of other f’real dogs, either – it’s just envy about us directing any of our ardent attention enthusiastically onto something… that’s not them. Even treating inanimate objects like other dogs is grounds for a green-eyed canine. Such.. Read More

Orchard Sorcery: Farmer Artist Builds 40 Fruited Tree

Art is nice, but let’s face it: a lot of times, it’s overrated. So some super famous dude painted something that I also could have done. So what? Can I eat it or use it as a weapon it after the asteroid hits earth and basic life needs are all that matters? Probably not. I enjoy a good gallery exhibit, performance piece, or random installment as much as the next.. Read More

Sell-out hippies won’t let me in their festival of awesomery.

Anyone here ever been to a hippie festival? This video popped up on my Youtube sidebar recently with the title “Boom Festival”. I watched it (the thumbnail image of people having fun while half naked is always excellent clickbait) as I downed a bit of delicious homemade soup, and marveled at how awesome it seemed. People hop on their bikes and come from all over for this event of camping.. Read More

Can a Facebook quiz define you?

In the name of “research” I took a couple quizzes on Facebook. Definitely not because I was bored or distracted. Definitely for research. Definitely. On the first one, I had to stop halfway through. And by “halfway through”, I mean at the first question. The “how much of a good person are you?” quiz was particularly unfulfilling with its objective options. You can’t ask me “would I take a handicapped.. Read More