HabitHacks for Humanity: Ice bucket challenge freezes the ego

Anyone else think this’d be cooler if it were the “scalding hot water challenge”? Kidding. Kind of. I mean, trends like these already catch a lot of flack and get dubbed “slacktivism”. And while that’s one way of looking at it, I kind of like them. It’s not just because of the ALS awareness raising. (I mean, that’s good and bless the hearts of anyone going through this god awful.. Read More

Is Ronald McDonald feeding us fellow species members?

(Zing fish FTW.) Let’s pause. I’m not a fan of McD’s. It’s got Pennywise as its mascot and the bottom of clown satan’s pitchfork is its golden icon. And now that that’s been said, I can say this: I’m also not a fan of going along with shocking “news” blindly just ‘cause it aligns with my preexisting beliefs about crappy meals. Sometimes I’ll fall prey to my own brain trying.. Read More