Pain-gover versus hangover

I woke up with a demon’s claws in my eyes and neck this morning. It was the kind of neck pain that makes you go all bleary eyed as your dead relatives beckon you from the end of a bright white hallway. For me, it was just an ickier than usual one of my morning pains that awakens me like a spasmodic rooster crow whose vocal cords are my nociceptors… Read More

Unnecessary Zen headband, anyone?

Ahh, so that’s what those hippie crowns are for! Here I thought it was an accessory, but it’s really been attached to a brain scanner that lets you know how to be more calm, focused, and serene when your chaotic thought neurons start firing off. Ah, wait – okay. Nope. Sorry. Re-reading the article, it’s only this newer Muse headband some chick called Ariel Garten came up with that’ll do.. Read More

Fit young cannibals

On the heels of McCannibal hoaxes and viscera valuation, I couldn’t help but wonder- Wait. Alright. Let’s take a break for you to appreciate why I’m so delighted by such dark topics. (Blame childhood Bugs for everything.) Ahem. So, anyway, what I wondered was what’s the calorie value of cannibalism? Just how much punch does people meat pack? Lucky for me, a study was done by lecturer James Cole in.. Read More