Fire challenge = gene pool cleaning up itself

Listen, everyone… I was kidding when I said let’s do a “Melt Your Face Off With Fire Challenge”. But before we get to the scorched meat and potatoes of world star hip hop, first some world-culture-context: One sunny day, not long ago, I sat perched in a waiting room and half-read this super sad article. It was about these teens who immolate themselves ($5 word! It means “set yourself on.. Read More

Stick with cooking, not crooking (if you can’t do it right).

Some people just aren’t bout that crime life. Usually, these people are the ones who aren’t very good at it. Like some New York Taco Bell supervisors who tried to think outside the funny money formula of the crooks who’d come before them… and failed miserably. And when they got caught, it was by their own 17-year-old employee who knew the difference between real money and Monopoly money and wanted.. Read More

Welcome to poltergeist park!

With fall forthcoming, what better way to festively celebrate the seasonal change than by… …dancing on the graves of Native Americans? Who also killed settlers for coming there?! (#MetaDeath) That’s right. A Halloween twofer! Not far away from me, yonder in West Virginia, there’s this creepy old amusement park with a quaint bit of entertaining history…. … Bought in the 20’s, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was built on the burial.. Read More