Fakers FTW

I always love a good Frank Abernathy story. Ya know – the dude who impersonated pilots? And doctors? And got lotsa arse? (Does he really say “Pam” in the movie?) Either way, Frank fortunately had a penchant for the kinda girls who don’t care what the difference between a “Pam” or “Pan” American flight is – and was equally smooth enough to slide by colleagues unnoticed. I suppose that idea.. Read More

Hot model gives good face and nicks bad food.

So this delicious little dish of Vogue eye candy got arrested for stealing candy. First, I love the lawyer’s reply to the allegations that go as follows: 1. He said she forgot she had the items (like… chocolate bars?) in her bag when she left Whole Foods. 2. He said the “store detectives” singled her out. #IDon’tKnowHowToLawyer “While she was about to leave the store … she remembered what she.. Read More

Should cops rock big bro recorders on their glasses?

If you’re on social media, you may have seen videos of slightly excessive police force. I, for one, can’t seem to escape these torrid tales, sandwiched betwixt the endearing dancing dogs and graphic motivational quotes that help exacerbate my online-life induced schizophrenia. But could a cameras-on-cops requirement be the answer? There’s been interest in this – especially after the Ferguson case happened and arguments split between “he shouldn’t have been.. Read More

Are these Death Valley rocks moving on their own?

Why were rocks in Death Valley moving around of their own volition? Especially when there were no human tracks, hurricanes, or tornadoes whipping through? I didn’t even need to read the “we solved it!” story to know the truth behind this rhetorical headline. It was painfully obvious to me that there was a battle for a babe with a power going on in the Labyrinth. And that giant bipedal shih-tzu.. Read More

Decapitated head exacts revenge

And now for a real life story about a severed snake-head who came back to life… …to kill the man… … who killed him. That’s right. It’d been guillotined and garbage-tossed for a full twenty minutes before the bodyless serpent launch outta the litter to annihilate the chef who went Queen of Hearts on his ass while trying to make snake soup. Well, Elle, it MIGHT have been cool if.. Read More