I’m green with…

I’ve never understood the term “green with envy”. If ever colors and feelings had associations (which if you’re a synesthetic or into the whole chakra-balancing thing, mayhaps they do), green is the least jealous-bish inducing shade I can think of. On the contrary, it’s one of the few rare things that can make me think, “I should be a little bit nicer to everyone I keep saying I love before.. Read More

Spider smiting: A working guide to working out outdoors

When it comes to jogging in the gym o’ mother nature, awareness is key. That’s if you want to come home in a better stat than – or at least the same as – when you left the house. If you’re not careful, roots can trip you, branches can stab you, and so on. And that’s why I love it. It forces me into awareness. If I’m having an otherwise.. Read More

A man called Max is moving to Mars. Permanently.

I’ve always said I’d like to do a bit of space travel. But moving to Mars indefinitely? Becoming an Outkast of planet blue skies and bird-chirps… permanently? You crazy? Maybe, but for this dude Max, it’s been his life goal and dream since youth. Now 26, he’s got a shiz ton of astro-college experience of varying levels and science degrees under his belt. He even studied at a micro gravity.. Read More