Science unmasked Jack The Ripper! Kind of!

Yay! They caught the bad guy! From one point million and five hundred years ago! That’s right, boys and girls. Before Bundy or Dahmer or Kuklinski or whatever other morbid icons I’ve left out, there was Jack the Ripper. Except – they never figured out who this guy shredding up the flesh of whores was. Until now. So get ready for me to cash in my Image GIF card for.. Read More

Mothman prophecies on Floridian poison “puss caterpillar”

Do you live in Florida? Have you seen this guy? Authorities warn: do not engage this individual should you encounter him. Although the furry fish-like land sliding creature may educe from you coos of “Awww. I wanna pet”, science strongly suggest you refrain from acting on those feelings. Despite the seemingly inviting dog-like exterior on this particular caterpillar, one stroke of its coat would land you in the kind of.. Read More

You’re too hot to give fckks out for free

Ever read something in public that makes you GOL? I don’t mean “laugh out loud”, but guffaw? One of those mortifying chortles as you lose yourself in the delicious ironic laughter after reading a poorly done piece in a published magazine? Like the three point explanache I just read on why hot people don’t have it that good? So screw ’em? The three main bullet points went thusly: 1. “Super.. Read More