24 year old woman missing part of her brain… finally sees a doctor.

So, this bish was born without a cerebellum (a crucial part of your brain). And she’s just finding out. After 24 years. Not only was talking an issue (she didn’t speak until age six), but she also couldn’t walk until age seven. After that, homegirl must have had some magic ruby slippers for the rest of her life in order to get through it in any ambulatory sorta way ’cause.. Read More

Will we die from a solar flare or smartphone withdrawal first?

Afraid of catching cancer in these last dog day rays of summer? Don’t be! ‘cause there’s plenty of other ways the sun can kill you! Like the solar flare headed for earth! (Jesus. Sometimes I forget just how small we are.) Actually, we don’t have to worry about leaping tongues of fire raining on us like lightning streaks from Olympus just yet (hopefully). The recent X class magnetic explosion that.. Read More