MRI’s on merlot: “Expensive taste” is a buncha bullshiz

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a good glass of fermented grape. Mostly because I have the whole Pringles problem when it comes to firewater. Although that sort of thing isn’t for me anymore, I can’t help but be reminded of it – coming from a family of wine lovers. Especially now, as the weather gets chillier, I think, “Ah, I bet they’re all switching from chardonnay to.. Read More

How to win the marshmallow challenge… for parents.

Anyone ever heard of the “marshmallow test”? No, it’s not like the ice bucket challenge or the fire challenge (god help us, yes that’s a thing). Rather, it’s a decades-old study that tests the internal fortitude of your offspring by looking at their willpower to withhold indulging in a treat – as they hold out for getting a potential second treat – a reward for their patience. For instance, like,.. Read More

Holiday in hellfire – man adventures into Ring of Fire volcano

“If you gaze into the abyss…” … the abyss suddenly looks like a really, really fun place to freefall into. “You go first and tell me what it’s like…” I’d ask if I’m the only person who gets the urge to jump from vertigo inducing heights or run towards a tornado, but I know I’m not. That’s just a rhetorical question I sometimes employ to hear , “No, Ashley. You’re.. Read More

Finally, my Beauty and the Beast furniture is on its way.

Thank god. Robotic furniture is finally here. Well, almost. Ever since I was a geeky little kid with a ten year plan of becoming a pretty princess who stole money from the people and stowed it away in an offshore account to later access when they stormed down my castle and I had to abscond to the islands to live out the rest of my life in secrecy, I wanted.. Read More

Junkie’s own ass betrays him by butt dialing the cops.

Once upon a time when I used to date human people, I remember being “butt dialed”. I was remaining faithful to what we in the field like to call a “non-monogamous-unbeknownst-to-the-bish-he-was-dating” dude at the time. To his credit, he was an excellent liar. But he was, unfortunately for him, very stupid when it came to putting in all the peripheral work it requires to protect a good lie. So, when.. Read More