Tips to spot a fake news story (before sharing it on Facebook)

Are you one of my friends who unwittingly shares fake news stories on Facebook? And feels mortified when you realize it obviously wasn’t true? You just didn’t read it carefully? (But a girl can try…) It’s okay. Shh… Shh…You’re not alone. I say this first because there are a lot of other idiots out there like you who don’t critically read. Second, you’re not alone because I’m mortified too –.. Read More

Should we walk for climate change? Or just start walking to Mars?

You know, I’m all for these “fight climate change” events. There’s no “but” to that. I’m just sad I can’t be a part of the ones like the international walk that happened this past Sunday in New York and a katrillion other places around the globe. And, no it’s not because the likes of Mark Ruffalo or Leonardo Dicaprio make an appearance to fight fracking and other enviro rapery, using.. Read More