National Coffee Day: I missed my free fix today because of you.

What? How could you? How could all of you bastards do this to me? In what feels like the worst surprise party ever, nobody took the time to warn me that National Coffee day was today. (I’ll pause for you to purse your lips solemnly and e-console me). Had I known, had I been forewarned, had one of you people who claims to be my friend reminded me the way.. Read More

Troll patrol: sharing bad opinions online could get you jailed soon.

Workaholics did a great episode not too long ago about a gamer troll antagonizing them. Being that it’s “Workaholics” we’re talking about, the hapless potheads all gathered together, impersonated a SWAT unit, and hunted down the house of the man who’d been shiz talking into his headphones at them. What they were going to do once they actually got there was about as planned out as any hash-brained idea would.. Read More

Does ScarJo’s hotness cancel out how bad “Lucy” sucked?

So I just watched “Lucy” last night. (*warning: spoilers and a half coming*) Honest opinion? It was literally an amalgamation of that one flick she already did (called “Her” opposite an awkward Joaquin Phoenix character, where she plays an evolving computer who ultimately also merges with Alan Watts and the holy Higgs field. I’m pretty sure she even says, “I’m everywhere…” at the end of that too) and another movie.. Read More