Turning comment sparring into a creative exercise (and ego stroker)

I always promise myself I won’t get into petty online comment volleys. So whenever I relapse, I try to do what any spiritual guru will tell me: To forgive myself and remain present through my dark hour. The other day, I managed to muddle through my giving-in by thinking outside the Youtube comment box. In reality, I didn’t anticipate to start an argument. But whenever I see a loose seam.. Read More

True Detective… true story?! Yeesh…

Quick question, True Detective watchers: Did you die slightly inside as you marathon viewed this dark albeit very quotable series? And did you liven back up by reminding yourself, “It’s not real” (as you switched to SuperSoul Sunday reruns for the next week to layer over the viscous sickness that infected your soul’s bloodstream somewhere around the finale)? Well, get prepared for a secondary death. Because it is real. It.. Read More