NASA nanny boo boo: more majestic sights I’ll never see IRL

Great. One more thing that I have to add to my celestial bucket list along with all the other shiz I’m probably never gonna get to witness but totally will drone on about seeing right up until the day I die. But this one I may hafta wait until I actually die to observe in all its beauty. Because you have to be situated somewhere in the heavens (Yes. Presumptuous.. Read More

Binge watch absurd TED talks? Challenge accepted.

I’m not the only geek who loves seeing TED talks. But I may be the only one who binge watches their more comically toned ones. (Today’s marathon – brought to you by the Youtube sidebar). After finishing the spoofed out improv bit that trolled TED attendees (and then the interwebs too by pretending to be a real thing), I wandered on over to this one done by the dude who.. Read More

Plastic bubbles are the new hazmat suit. So hot (zone) right now.

I had a strange dream last night – about my town being quarantined. My personal dreamweaver is pretty shitty most of the time at offering context. So, I have to assume that this quarantine that was taking place was the direct result of the recent contagion style fear sweeping the country in the form of these sporadic cases of Ebola and idiots bringing it in. Hopefully being town-bound won’t have.. Read More

Eyeroll Sunday: trolled again.

I might start to make “Eyeroll Sunday” a thing. At least until I find a day of the week that it alliteratively pairs better with. Because I take getting trolled personally. When it involves my creative vanity. Really – you can compliment or mock my fitness, my boobs, my dazzling smile or even my obviously impeccable taste for fashion (obvious in my capacity to rock a uniform of running tights,.. Read More