Paint that pain gold.

Ever heard of that “manifesting” thing? The whole “law of attraction” concept? Wherever you focus your attention and intention, becomes real? Like, if your focus is on fear of spiders (hi.), you’ll think there’re more of them in the world than there are oxygen molecules. If you’re obsessed with Starbucks (hi, again.) it will seem like there’s one on every street corner. (Realizing this last example may be ineffective. Because.. Read More

Do you love-love your dog? Or are you just sentimental?

“Oh, I have a son too!” My sister said this to the couple in the café, pulling out a picture of her pitbull and showing it to them on her phone. I like to imagine their expressions of anticipatory delight slowly fading from their faces as they saw that it wasn’t a human child but a furry family member. Maybe they thought, “Ah, we’re dealing with a mentally ill person;.. Read More

Teachers making beautiful minds.

I was an “A” student in high school. I also really sucked at understanding almost every subject. Nearly nothing came naturally. When lectured in a seat, I learned nothing. So I came home, read the book, taught myself, aced exams, and forgot everything right after. (Except English, which I liked. Y un poco de Espanol.) As I finally left my graduation and looked back at the doors of my former.. Read More

I want to play a game… (sci-pothetical convos)

“I need an opinion regarding a hypothetical I’m having trouble working out in my brain.” (This is how most of my text message games – and arguably most of my texts in general – go. I toss out a fishing line to a few of my smart friends, see who finds it interesting enough to bite, and then we proceed to ping pong ideas for the pure sake of my.. Read More