Movies we need to make yesterday.

It’s clear I’ve missed my calling. Callings, actually. I’ve missed quite a few. There’re at least a hundred things I know I could do brilliantly – like the dude in the buckets that go up to fix electrical things in the sky. Or an antique shop cashier. Or that guy who stands at the DMZ in North Korea, saying “I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you!” to the guy.. Read More

Walking Dead: I can’t this season.

I can’t watch “Walking Dead” anymore. Not the way this season’s going. I know. I know, Carl. Me, the bish who thrives on Romero, has memorized every line of “House of 1,000 corpses” and “Devil’s Rejects”, and knows more fun facts about Bundy than she probably should – can’t seem to watch her favorite show this season without spacing apart episodes. That’s right. There’ll be no series binging for this.. Read More

Filthy Princess: Part 2

(…continued from last blog.) Many a man still likes to think we womenfolk are princess-esque. Clean and pure. Waking with Bambi holding our coffee. But all it takes is a bit of seclusion from society to turn us into the LOTR creature. Here are 16 more signs you’ve become a reclusive princess o’ filth: 1. Your pets adopt the same moods as you – on cue. 2. The transformation between.. Read More

Filthy Princess: Top 10 signs you’re a recluse.

“You’re beautiful,” a friend told me recently. “You’re beautiful too!” I replied. “No, men aren’t beautiful. We’re vile, filthy creatures.” It’s not the first time I’ve heard this misguided belief system about women being comparatively clean and pure. And I can’t speak for other ladies. But if you think we ovary vessels are all Snow White and silken sheets… Welp, I’m not the droid you’re looking for, sweet prince. You.. Read More

Spotlight on V. Scott – how an open mind closes in on goals

It’s amazing what we can accomplish, keeping an open mind while acting on passion. Wanting to make a difference might start with something already awesome like this: (Coat for the homeless that transforms into a sleeping bag and carrying bag.) But as it gains momentum, the same sentiment that inspired the coat can lead to changing lives on a mass scale. And that’s exactly what Veronika Scott of the Empowerment.. Read More

Whoreloween nostalgia and toys I want

I used to enjoy Halloween for the obvious early-twenties, collegiate tramp reasons: It was really my favorite. A free pass to do what I did anyway: getting sloshed and dressing skeazy. Back then, I couldn’t tell you why I enjoyed the mix of spooky and slutty so much. But I assume it had to do with Elvira – that one T.V. host who was like Morticia Addams channeling Pam Anderson… Read More