Can fashion phlebotomy charge my phone?

Mmmkay. I’m gonna try to do an honest to goodness mental rewind here on what my brain first did looking at this story that popped up in my feed today. When I see something like this, first thing I do is: look at the pretty picture and say “Oooh.”. Then I read the title. Then I read the subtext. Then click the link. And skim the article. Maybe. But right.. Read More

HHHwhat? (Hearing impairents)

Talking with elderly parents is like the end of that one Geico commercial. “Who?.. WHO?!” But actually, it’s not a non-wise dementia thing. It’s worse than that. They’re still both sharp as can be – but maybe too proud to go ahead and get the auditory assistive devices they need that’d stop them from asking everyone to repeat themselves (“Who?! Who?! WHO!!!1”) every time we have a conversation. What is.. Read More

Turning 30: Don’t settle for second best. OR second puberty.

I look for any excuse to laugh. That’s why when I saw this College Humor video on turning 30, I had a good guffaw or two – if nothing more than for the “you’re being punished for joy!” comment and the fun supplemental animation. I’m a sucker for creativity and sarcasm. Especially when it applies to my cohort group. Post by CollegeHumor. But as ever, I’ve some yes-and’s (more like.. Read More