9 ways life would improve if it emulated AdventureTime

A year ago I started watching AdventureTime. Then I stopped somewhere mid-season 1. I couldn’t for the life of me remember why I’d stopped seeing this epic show – until I took it up again this past month. And that reason is because it’s so good that it’s not only highly addictive, but also has a million and one things we all need to learn from (so much so that.. Read More

NASA pays dude to do nada for three months.

So, NASA’s paying someone to lay down for three months. As fun as remaining in a catatonic torpor may sound, I invite you all to think about the reality of how bad this’d suck if you actually did it. Remember that scene in the movie Se7en? No, not the memorable one with the bound up fatty (who totally could’a broken those restraints and eaten his captor to escape). And not.. Read More

SICK of you taking my mothaloving SPACE on this mothaloving TRAIN

I enjoy moving around. Stretching, yoga, gesticulating unnecessarily while talking. You know where I enjoy doing it? Where it’s acceptable and doesn’t infringe on folk. Usually. You read the room and process the acceptability level. Usually excluded from this list are crowded planes, trains, or automobiles. The reason for this is because when you’re splaying your limbs every which way around close-quarter strangers as you’re all being herded from point.. Read More