6 Things to do in Buffalo when you’re snowbound

Jesus, Mary, and Snowseph, winter’s here in a big way, already! I’m not in New York or anything, but as we share the same coast and aren’t that far apart, I had to admit these snappies of the flakey downpour in Buffalo certainly had me checking my calendar to make sure it’s still only November. Do we usually start the ice works this early? Or at least, this much? Now.. Read More

Change, for change’s sake!

I was still in bed when I read the email saying work payments were moving to a new app. That was my initial reaction. See, the app, which I’ve since begun using and fallen in passive lust with (‘cause it does all the work for you), is a fast cash program put out by Square. And while I’m thus far really, really, really enjoying its benefits, the morning I got.. Read More

Some mysteries go unsolved for a reason

It’s fun turning on a paranormal “unsolved mystery” Youtube video and arousing my fear-ection. You know what’s more fun, though? Debunking that shiz. I always come into these videos donning my labcoat and geek specs, armed with a clipboard of notes to take to the Wizard of Snopes after my individual research and observations have been made. Generally, I can just do that – or pause and Google to see.. Read More

Pity the fool.

You know, I’ve long liked this quote that I initially heard in Amelie: But recently, for some reason, I realized it’s only half true – like it’s missing something. You’re a fool for looking at the finger which points at the sky – if the sky is on fire, raining knives, or blanketed with an Independence Day sized saucer of creatures who mean to eat us up and shit us.. Read More