8 things that suck less if don’t quit before 10 minutes.

Ever notice how starting an avoided task – is the harder than doing the task itself? I realized something about that today. Something more concrete – and quantifiable. It dawned on me that whenever I’m prepping to do almost anything I don’t wanna do (from creating to cleaning), there’s a reason for that avoidance. It’s not just laziness. It’s the pain of exercising the muscle of change – almost like.. Read More

FashioNobel musings

When I decided to switch from my liberal arts major to a biology one in college, I had my doubts. It felt so permanent – like such a final departure from what I was good at, that I thought mayhaps my artistic passions would wither away and die altogether. Would moving into my left brain, thinking logically, and problem-solving based on facts and numbers somehow stymie my creativity? It was.. Read More

6 things you won’t hear me say.

“Said no person ever.” It’s a popular funny-’cause-it’s-true phrase. Everything from “I love Mondays” to “That was a really good Kardashian episode and I learned a lot” can fit above that four worded phrase we love to employ. However, being the narcissist that I am, I just had to whittle it down to pertain to me specifically recently. And, as I share six of my own with you, maybe I’ll.. Read More