City scrappers – vandals or vultures? (Vice video)

You’re a black male living in Detroit and you’ve lost your job. Try as you might, you haven’t been able to gain employment again. There’s just no market for your skillset. And now money’s wearing thin. As you wander through this town, trying to come up with a plan, you realize just how much it would resemble an abandoned city followed the world’s end – if not for fellow, desperate.. Read More

I shouldn’t have clicked that… #doublepeen

So, my brain just short circuited. It turned “too much internet for today O’ clock” – already, before 9 A.M. – the moment I made the mistake of clicking on this story about a dude with dual dongs. Or as he calls himself DDD (“double dick dude”). Then, I made the follow up mistake of clicking on the actual image. It’s not one of those awful things that makes my.. Read More