5 Do’s ‘n Don’ts for the common cuddle. Are you failing?

On the heels of my “smile more” article, we’re going to work on hugs. While smiling affects others in a mirror-neuron kindofa way, hugs do the same in a more in-your-face kinda way. The similarity is that both can make you happy, both can reduce stress and thus illness, and both can be spread just as virally as those illnesses you’re not getting from doing them. So after you’ve mastered.. Read More

Why I love the slutty rawness of American Apparel ads.

American Apparel catches a lot of crap for having racy ads. I never given them much thought in times past, but I kind of love this sluttily advertised line now. In a sarcastic fist-bumpy kinda way – a fist with the center finger extended at convention, that is. I mean, there are a shiz ton of other company ads out there (Bebe, Victoria’s Secret, Guess, even Yurman) that also use.. Read More

Going the extra [s]mile

“It takes fewer muscles to smile than frown…” That’s bullshit, you know. It actually takes ten muscles to smile and six to frown. Roughly. In fact, some people have more “smile” muscles than others, apparently. While I’m not sure how that works (and not sure if I like the fact that someone else has more muscle-potential than I do #grincompetition), it is being said that making the effort and bridging.. Read More

This kid’s badass and a half

Are young kids getting smarter? Or was I just a particularly stupid child? ’cause this lil chick’s making me seriously question that: Don’t be fooled by the girly “Little Miss Sunshine” gear or the face full’a makeup. This kid’s 100% and a half bad ass. And she proved it after the plane carrying her entire family crashed into the Kentucky wilderness last week. After coming to, she made the horrible.. Read More

Why I’m never relaxed at yoga class… and the solution.

“Yeah, they never tell you you’re doing a good job.” This was the (paraphrased, probably) comment my buddy and fellow kinda-yogi had to say about yoga instructors. He lives across the country – so it’s nice to know this stingy-with-the-compliments theme is something universal when it comes to the nation’s Zen quest. I’d have felt kinda alone and insecure otherwise. Which I do anyway in these classes a lot of.. Read More