Dinner and: doomsday bunkers.

Dinner is always a challenge. Not because of anorexia or anything, but because part of me wants to be entertained before bedtime – so I do it while I’m eating. But another part of me gets anxious and bored if what I’m watching is too mind-masturbatory. Like the one-two-punch-punchliney sitcoms. Or those shows you have to pause and get your bearings while you ask yourself why you’re wasting your mirror.. Read More

Slutty duds save the day

If you’re a fellow femme whose early 20’s were anything like mine, then dressing slutty probably got you far. It got me flowers. It got me out of tickets. But has it ever gotten you out of a one way ticket to the wrong side of the flowers? Well, it did for this one British chick, Zoe Turner, who decided she was gonna dress up like a cross between Billie.. Read More