Could victim and voyeur landlord both get in trouble here?

Ever heard that phrase “watch the clock” before? It’s helpful, isn’t it? To keep self-tabs on what you’re doing and for how long. But what about when the clock’s watching you? What about when the clock (and the person who implanted a hidden camera into it to fap to you and your girlfriend later) are keeping tabs on you? A recent news story grabbed my interest today with that premise.. Read More

Ruined via review: The country music mashup revisited.

Any time I find anything I enjoy, I have to ruin it for myself. Some call this a “self sabotage” tendency.That might be right. But I prefer to see it as the radioactively glowing trophy you’re awarded for making your career a creative one. Part of having to do anything creative is being willing to pick shit apart. The unfortunate side effect is that – when you do this for.. Read More

Is the answer to the meaning of life what Neil says? Or “42”?

Remember “Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy?” Which told us that the answer to the meaning of life is: “42”? 42? How ridiculous. How incomplete. How could that ever be the answer to something so vast and incomprehensible?! It’s as vague an answer as most religions or your parents will give you when you’re little – with their “well’s” and “ya know’s” and mumbling soft-languaged replies. Which made Neil DeGrasse’s recent.. Read More

Road rage level: from Louis to screw-loose.

Louis C.K.’s “Oh My God” performance probably belongs on my top favorite standup tours. But, for some reason, this bit is the one that’s stuck out the most: The irony is that when I’m not destined to sit in traffic or rocketing across a highway homicidally (I’m not a good driver when I need to be somewhere – I’m nervous, never leave on time, always speed, and have unyielding road.. Read More

Fashion, turn to the daft: Both’a these peeps need to get over themselves.

“The sun is but a morning star.” I like this Walden quote. Even though it’s a bit anthropocentric (the sun is there all the time and morning is just an experience we share here on rock ball number three from it depending on our positional relationship to it), it’s also cosmologically holistic: it’s just a star. One of many. Our life giving cosmic blob of gases, inconceivable heat, and fire.. Read More