Dad and daughter marry. Inc’est la vie.

Sir (yes, I call him sir now) Neil DeGrasse Tyson suggested we all learn something new every day. Following his guidance, I’ve already learned the one thing that’ll probably stand out the most at today’s end, as well as haunt my eyelid movies into a horror show later when I try to fall asleep. And it’s not even noon yet. Neil also told me to share what I learn with.. Read More

Things I only watch to enjoy the parody better (Bieber edition)

If you’re like me – not a Bieber fan or a wiener owner – you may not have seen the recent Calvin Klein ads. No, we don’t live under a rock. We just didn’t have a reason to see it. Now… we do. Because SNL has kindly taken the time to delight us all with this black and white parody rendition of what we’ve been missing. It’s funny how you.. Read More

5 things everyone (not just chicks) can learn.

I found this fun “ways women are disconnected from themselves” article today. This “line em up and knock ‘em down” list of what we’re doing wrong and how to sort it out bothered me for two reasons. First was because these gender-wallow articles always make me feel like I’m part of some melancholic coven. Like if Daria, Janine Garafalo, and the daughter from Roseanne had all started a sorority under.. Read More