It’s raining mein… chow-lelujah.

It’s like free grocery day for college kids on I-95 ‘cause this thing tipped over… It’s raining mein… chowlelujah! And it spilled the pre-packaged noodley goodness all over a more southern part of the same freeway I take whenever I feel like I’m not angry or in hate enough with the world and need humanity’s stupidity to help me out a bit. And what makes me even angrier? That this.. Read More

Creative profanity decoded

We don’t pause to appreciate the simple things enough, do we? The fresh air we get to breathe. The beauty of the oscillating seasons. The poetry of profanity. Yes. I think we don’t give the genre of foul language nearly enough credit for how picturesque those who’ve come before us have made it. When you really stop to consider it, some of these phrases of language we take for granted.. Read More

Foods that make you go ew, oh, and aghh! (Part 2)

Yes, we’re back with more foods that make you go ew, oh, and agggh! Wait, did you miss part 1? You did? Shhh sshh. No need to fret. It’s right here. Go ahead. Head over. Read at your leisure. We’ll be here patiently awaiting your return. …. 4. GRAPEFRUIT + DRUGS Category: “Aghhh!” and then “Ew” if you eat certain pharmaceuticals with it. (This gif’s a perfect Inception-esque (eh?) metaphor.. Read More

Foods that make you go ew, oh, and aghh! (Part 1)

Food is fuel, they say. But what kinda side effects is our food-fuel having on our body car? Can some of it make me tan? Make me ooze aqueous salt stank? Drive me bat shit crazy? The answer is: yes. According to science. Per an article I just read, there are at least six dietary noms (can’t touch on ‘em all in one day, can we?) that can monumentally eff.. Read More

Moran v. Rogen “American Sniper” row has zero to do with patriotism.

I’m glad I haven’t seen “American Sniper” yet. For one, it’s too soon after reading the book. I need a proper mourning period. No… I mean, yes, obviously I’m better than everyone else. Foregone conclusion. But it’s not because I like internally directing the narrative myself. (Or maybe it is – you should hear some of my mind’s soundtracks and emotional deliveries. Truly.) And my relief on holding out thus.. Read More