Am I watching smut or a Sprite commercial?

I feel like commercials have just given up altogether lately. Granted, I don’t watch much T.V. (unless it’s a series or documentary OnDemand I’ve specifically sought out) much anymore, so it’s hard to know what the majority of stuff is out there. But between the shiz that manages to filter through my AdBlock somehow and the stuff that ends up on my Facebook feed because someone thinks it’s funny, I.. Read More

Why this amazing “Girls” episode might be my last.

I don’t think I ever really appreciated “Girls” fully until I saw Sunday’s episode. In fact, I may have to end the whole series on a high note and never watch it again after this scene: Sorry for the shit quality; I couldn’t find it on Youtube, so I had to ‘gram it. It’s loveable for the obvious reasons: a gay guy with amazing hair, zero filter, and a stereotypical.. Read More

Is it bad to bang an ex teacher if you’re 18?

VICE’s “I banged my high school teacher and it sucked” article was interesting… It shone this coruscating spotlight on that whole “fantasy vs reality” concept. Ya know, like the time we learned that Emma Watson is really a drag queen underneath: That’s a problem a lot of people have – distinguishing between fantasy and reality. We do it with public figures and movie characters and airbrushed images all the time.. Read More

#facebookdown causes another micropocalypse

So Facebook went down early the other morning (for like a millisecond). Instagram did too, apparently. And everyone handled it really, really well. Actually, I wasn’t present for the kerfuffle. But by the time I plugged in and caught the slew of “news” stories covering #facebookdown’s aftermath (and all the corresponding Facebook posts – ‘cause it was back online, finally, an eternity of five minutes later), I really did feel.. Read More

Is GQ right about porn being wrong?

I love new things. Not consumer goods, mind you. More like new experiences. Interruptions in the norm. Reminders that I’m still alive and have (at least in some quantum form) free will in this life. A new hobby. A new genre of music. A new route home. A new yoga pose. My brain loves novelty. Which is why this GQ piece on “don’t watch porn” interested me – particularly when.. Read More