4 hot-body tips from porn stars

With spring just a couple months away, I’ve been looking for Spring-spiration to improve my body karate game. And yours (’cause I’m generous and I share tips here. You’re welcome). But talking about exercise and health gets really boring after a while. Doesn’t it? Like, really, what hasn’t been said or done anymore? We’ve covered Gwen’s workout routines and looked at what frappu-greenos people gag down. And that’s all nice,.. Read More

Applying for a new life.

So, I’m in the midst of applying to get into a PTA program. (That’s “Physical Therapist Assistant” – like a therapist without the grandiose title of “Dr.”) I think I mentioned in an earlier article I might be doing this – and also worried that if I did, I’d lose my artsy, writer-y, creative side. Honestly, I thought (because of that fear) that it was going to end up another.. Read More

Clearly, now I’ll have to see this disgusting movie.

“The next scene features our protagonist as she tromps through a dirty underground toilet, sloshing her feet through muck and rubbing her ass all around the seat, which is covered in piss and other unidentifiable stains.” Oh, good. I was just wondering what sweet, romantic movie I could take my Valentine to see this year. And now I know – “Wetlands” – is definitely it. I saw an article about.. Read More

EFF DA POLI-… Why, YES officer! Here’s my license for the crime I’m not doing!

“There’s a trail that way – I run it all the time,” I told the cop, while gesturing left. “It goes all the way into the park.” The cop nodded, without even glancing toward where I was pointing. I suppose that’s just ’cause I looked like the type of person who’d stab him in the jugular the second he broke eye contact. Can’t blame the bastard. It was early afternoon.. Read More

New Beauty and the Beast will cast… Emma Watson .___.

It always makes me nervous when they reinvent a classic. Especially a Disney flick. And especially since they’re casting Emma Watson to play Belle. I’ve nothing against the girl, but I just don’t trust her to do my favorite library whoring heroine justice. Then again, I’m not sure I’d trust anyone to do Belle justice. Or Ariel. Or Jasmine. But if I had to choose, I’d want someone who doesn’t.. Read More