This vibrator necklace must be a joke…

The latest sex-cessory by “Crave” is a necklace that gives new meaning to “ribbed pleasure” Because while you wear it over your ribs in public… you pleasure yourself with it in private: (Is it just me or does the peripheral view of this thing look kinda like where its meant to actually go?) Indeed. This Valentine’s day, your soul mate and potential father of your children (though you may not.. Read More

Does god want me to be fat?

A friend posted a quote recently that I’m going to try now to remember: “Motivation doesn’t last – but neither does taking a shower. So you should try to do both every day.” Yeah, I think that’s it. And it’s true. It’s like another quote you hear in the rooms of drug or alcohol or overeating recovery: “Just for today”. You take things a day at a time until they.. Read More

Do we really hate pop music? Or the people singing it?

Think of a pop star you hate. Mmmkay, now: what do you hate about them? Their music? Or the fact that they piss in cleaning bucket? (To be fair, I think he really, really had to go – seeing as he clearly is shitting his pants simultaneously) This Sourcefed quick n dirty experiment I just watched aimed to find out exactly that – by playing a bit o’ Bieber for.. Read More