Is food-reducing the fountain of youth?

Not long ago, I wrote about how detoxes are alright – if you do ‘em naturally. They’re a waste of money when you fork out a buncha funds to buy them which you could instead be acquiring electronics and lattes with. Why? Because you can basically just mimic the same effect by doing a fast-lite thing on your own. Though I argued the selling of it is just as bad.. Read More

If I ever relapse, it’ll be on something like this…

Though I’m living a clean life, I still get curious about mind-altering substances. Funny thing is, though, in my past they’d have been the subduing sorta stuff – the anxiety reducers, the sedatives, the things that wrap you up in a nice emotional fleece and tell you the lie that everything’s alright even though you’re failing to meet life or any of your goals halfway while half a decade passes.. Read More

Got life-hack advice? Then put it in plus-sign terms, ya negative Nancy.

I’m mentally mixed over this “mentally strong” article I’ve seen a few times now. The author of it’s this psychotherapist who went through hardship (just like the rest of us) and came out of it with fodder for a book that’s made her a lotta money. As the book’s been selling, however, the Cliffs Notes version of it has been circulating through my social media feeds with the top 13.. Read More

Does winning the lotto make you as unhappy as it makes me that I didn’t?

Now that a person who won millions of dollars just made news, it’s time to start comparing our smile-ometers. Ya know, so that we can carry on living without murdering ourselves spontaneously for being poor. So let’s consult the retro-experts on jackpot happiness: “Levels of overall happiness spiked upon winning, but returned to normal levels within a few months, and that long-term happiness for winners wasn’t significantly different from those.. Read More

Let’s take a moment to thank god for this IG account.

Let’s all take a moment to thank God for the Instagram account that brought us this: *Sigh* Finally. A photo account called “Hot Dudes Reading” is a thing. It’s like a digital nerdy version of Playgirl (Is PlayGeek a thing yet? Can we make it one?) They’re not reading from some electronic steno pad device, mind you. They’re reading real, page-flippable books. And the more I look at these images,.. Read More

And now for a trifecta of feelz-porn.

I’m not usually big on the emotional pornography – unless it does some good. And I feel like my Facebook feed is doing a good job of posting the kind that has a purpose this week. (Well done, e’rybody.) Maybe it’s that Valentine’s day just happened and everyone’s still in a lovey dovey mood. Or maybe it’s that Friday the 13th just happened before that and when we’re all terrified.. Read More

Openminded Mo.

Fccking finally. I finally got Mohammad to speak. Not, like, the Islamic prophet. I mean the dude who mans the checkout stand in the grocery store. As a restless, annoying creature, I’m the sort who’ll get bored and start mentally and physically fidgeting if I’m among others but not talking to them for too long. This is probably why I’ve never quite acclimated to yoga class. Or any class in.. Read More