WCW: let’s celebrate Kate (woman crushing with a purpose)

Ehhhh, so what if I’m a day late? Let’s break the rules! Take the hashtags to the blogs! Celebrate #WCW twelve hours late! It’s Woman Crush Wednesday…. On Thursday morning! Ya know, what makes fantasy fodder so much fun is the same thing Hugh Hefner experiences IRL and Matt Mac’s character eloquently explains in “Dazed and Confused”: “I get older and they stay the same age.” That means that as.. Read More

You spin me right round like a wrecked-car, baby.

I’m in love with this prank… (Thanks dude at 2:11 for bringing my lockjaw back with your goddamned infectious cackle) …but I have to wonder: what in the world possessed these dudes to get in the car with a perfect stranger? I tend to think it’s that poorly executed flow of convo that happens when people who are kinda nervous and maybe kinda into themselves go on a first date.. Read More

How d’ya survive a 21 day ab challenge? Put your trainer and time on mute.

I caught myself saying that annoying thing the other day. “I wish I had a tighter tummy…” Not out loud – mind you. Can’t let my entourage that doesn’t exist think for even a second that my self-confidence is wavering whatsoever. Rather, it was one of those annoying self-talk things that speaks to you in such a subconscious whisper that it makes your brow furrow in discontent and your breathing.. Read More

This tile job is money

Can you guess what this tiling is made out of? None other than honest Abe himself. Indeed, every last little speck of this “tile” is made out of pennies – the shinier ones making up that cool little center border and the other shittier ones interspersed with each other to create a kind of bronze-y looking Heinz 57 variety of copper coloring. It was initiated by this guy and his.. Read More

What “fake it till you make it” really means for the mentally-tough confused

Ah, Psych Today delivers again. And this time it’s with a refreshing take on this whole “mental toughness” deal I touched on a few days ago. In that last article (speaking on that OG viral piece about what mentally tough people don’t do), I was a bit annoyed with the negative language and how little the author brought in the more human elements and tendencies to her advice. While I.. Read More


Irony is fun – but only when people “get it”. Herein lies a problem I’d like to address here and now. Trendy articles of language are a fantastic means to foster your ironic style; but if you’re chronically sardonic like myself, then that means you may employ the genre of words-born-on-the-web terminology a good deal. And that means those who don’t know you, can’t literally hear the sludgy sarcasm dripping.. Read More