Creative destruction: “The Wrath of Ash” collection.

You know, I’ve heard about “anger management” classes before. It’s a quaint concept, really. But as an artist, I’ve found something to be far more therapeutic than expressing my feelings in mere words to fellow sufferers. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not putting down anger management. It works beautifully for some – namely those who wish to curb their rage and mitigate the madness. Thus, I completely accept that.. Read More

Ego gatorade fuels my winter cardio fire

It’s no wonder most people throw in the towel (and shovel) and give up on fitness in winter. I mean, if you plan to drive to your gym (or trail in my case) after a good snowin’, that means you’ve got at least two workouts awaiting you – the one you’re headed to – plus digging your auto outta an icy grave in order to get there. Admittedly, this can.. Read More

Does porn star “library girl” need Jesus? Or just a backup plan?

Ever get nookie amongst books? Dirty in a word-atorium? Sexed hard against hardback texts? Some people just like getting down while they’re out in public. Regular people just trying to escape from their real careers and lives by indulging in a taboo with their boo. Libraries are quiet – like churches – which is why I tend to think this fantasy’s so common. With all that sacred silence, it feels.. Read More

Why do old people bother getting married?

So this 75 year old dude re-proprosed to his 75 year old ex wife. At WallyWorld. It may not sound super romantic – being in WalMart and all – but that’s where she worked. So, in a way, I guess it kinda was, because he wanted all her friends to see and make a fuss over her and stuff afterward. Thing is, they’d been divorced for about 43 years when.. Read More