This deceptive opposite of a tampon may save Iranian women.

Well, I’ve heard of faking an orgasm. But faking chastity? That just sounds like something you’d hear of happening in one of those countries where you get 86’d from marriage if you’re hymen-ally challenged. You know? The ones where the traditional folk all gather as a family to hear the new bride get pried opened like a birthday gift? Yes, it sounds awfully off to me. Grandma and the crew.. Read More

My physical therapist deserves churches established in his honor

As promised, I finally returned to P.T. And for the first night in over a year, I slept for about six straight hours. And woke up with almost no pain. That – pain – is a daily companion of mine. I wake with it wagging its tail like the opposite of a welcome house pet who subsequently demands to be acknowledged and dealt with throughout the remainder of the day… Read More