#30daysofnewthings: exotic fruits, pants, and poses

As I’ve been bringing yoga into my #30daysofnewthings challenge, there’s something I’ve been avoiding: Anything where I’m relying on the upper body strength I don’t have to keep me from a supercharged faceplant fueled by the added weight of my graceless legs and man-like torso. “Day Four – I’ve never been permanently paralyzed before!” #newthings (Dear glob, please don’t let that be the price for my wanderlust and sense of.. Read More

Did the cops saving this baby sense a higher power? Or power of suggestion?

Ever heard a disembodied voice? The kinda turn-around-and-no-one’s-there experience that sets all your flesh follicles agog? A buncha cops trying to save a woman from her car which’d gone into an icy river sure did. After a fisherman spotted the car and summoned the authorities, the four officers arrived. And, as each confirm, they all are certain they heard a woman calmly shouting “help” to them as they approached –.. Read More

I want your hardback cocktail.

I think I’ve yes-anded the idea of “bookstore flirting before”. But in past articles, my suggestions have consisted of ideas about how to create a latte-meets-literature-establishment. And while I still like that idea (I’ll be the first to go if someone else makes it), I still am also fond of the original concept of this becoming a social norm. People making book buying the new happy hour of flirting; instead.. Read More

Braingames: Well he didn’t say I was *wrong*..

I’m not coordinated enough yet to eat soup and read simultaneously. Like the guy above, I can’t even manage to remember things fresh out the nuker are magma level hot. Which is ironic, I suppose, considering that my too-stupid-to-multitask non-quality drives me to hunt for something brainy on T.V. if I’m outta good documentaries to watch. Thus, lately, my go-to’s been “Brain Games”. The commercials give me just enough time.. Read More

#30daysofnewthings: New trail and metayoga

“How far’d you go? A couple miles?” The fisherman I’d just waved to asked me this from a distance as I was finishing up my run. He and his buddy had been standing at the side of the dock since before I parked my car, stretched, and set out on a new trail. It was set to be day three of my #30daysofnewthings challenge. A new trail may sound kinda.. Read More