Trifecta Friday: three celestial events I’mma photograph

After sitting on the windy dock late last night for ages, I resigned myself to the cold (literally) truth. I’d been trolled. I wasn’t gonna see an aurora. That might sound like old news, considering the fact that I live in Northern VA; a few latitude lines short’a borealis qualification – usually. However, yesterday, I was informed via the trustworthy media that we geographic peons the celestial princess of pink.. Read More

#WCW Marnie The Dog

As the adopted mother of a rescue shih-tzu myself, the infamous Marnie is one of my fave girls. Which is why she earns this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday This wobble necked canine was saved at around ten years of age – when her temporary monicker’d been “Stinky”. Much like my stinky girl, it was due to tooth decay. After a generous mom-to-be (who she affectionately self-references as her “bae”) adopted her, though,.. Read More

15 job interview replies you should memorize

So… I’m interviewing for a P.T. job tomorrow. And I’ve already got the jitters. Naturally, I’m trying to curb it with some literary unleashing – to get my mind off any anxiety – and all I’m seeing is link after link about (what else but) interview tips. Everything from what they’ll ask to how to carry yourself to “make eye contact but not Christian Grey level eye contact”. So, in.. Read More

Ashley’s Asanas: 4 renamed yoga poses

Ya know, of the yoga docs I’ve seen, all the old Indian men say the same thing about Westernized yoga. Between the commercialization, the teachers traipsing in late – green drink in hand, and the mantras uttered in perfunctory fashion with nada background knowledge on what it actually means, we’ve lost the meaning of yoga. Lost it in transatlantic translation. The literal def, the big time spiritual OG’s will tell.. Read More

Key to qi? Don’t take it too seriously.

“Is this right?” “No.” “How about now?” I asked this from my awkward squat position, while donning a giant grin that just begged for my Qigong instructor’s approval. Jorge Banales laughed and shook his head, ushering over the one other student – with a couple decades more (not just in age but in somatic awareness practice overall) experience to example-set. Ya know, so I could learn the hard stuff. Like.. Read More